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General Conditions

With reference to the art. 2 n. 1 decree legislative n. 111 of the 17/3/95 of performance of direction 90/314 the EEC: the tourist packages has to do with travels & vacations: The expression "All included" comes from the prefixed combination of at least one of the two elements indicated; sold and offered to a forfeight price consisting at least of a duration superior to 24 hours, or another given period that extends for at least one night: refering to services like a) transport; b) lodging; c) tourist services not related to transport or lodging, unless of course they form a significant part of the "Package Deal".

It is understood that a contract of a Tourist Package deal, is influenced, apart from the present general conditions, but also from the conditions and clauses indicated in the documentation given to the end consumer. The same Contract is also subject to the law n. 1084 of Brussels the 23/04/1970, besides the above mentioned Decree Legislative 111/95. These conditions instead are not applied to contracts having in object just one of the above mentioned elements.

The confirmations must be a written document (Not verbal) and are considered valid only when the Organising party sends theirs in writing.

The moment a client wishes to confirm a given service he/she must send 20% of the total amount immediately. The balance should be sent within 14 days prior to the date of arrival of the group. For the confirmations carried out less than 10 days from the date of arrival of the group shall pay the entire amount immediately. The lacked observance of these conditions from part of the customer and/or agencies retailers, authorizes the Organising party to cancel the reservations even if already confirmed, along with charging them the relative penalties.

The quotations can be varied until 30 days prior to the date of arrival, hence any variations in the rate of exchange or any tariffes for any services may be made if necessary. But if the increase of the total price exceeds 10% the customer has faculty to nullify the contract, only by giving a written communication to Lagotourist within two working days from the recipt of the relative communication; otherwise it is taken for granted that the increase was accepted and agreed by the client.

If a customer and/or agency cancelles a confirmed service, within 45 days before the arrival date of the group, He/She/they shall have to pay the reimbursement of the relative sum.

If there were serious reasons of complain during the stay, the tour operatore and/or the customer should get in touch with Lagotourist, which shall do all in its power so as to make the necessary changes to ensure customer satisfaction. In lack of this promptness, no future complains shall be taken into consideration but shall be considered as a signalling, even if supported by specific documentation. 

If for some unforeseen reasons the Hotel confirmed by the Organising party not be at hand at arrival time, it shall be the responsability of the Organiser to find another Hotels of the similar or even superior category.

Lagotourist does not hold any responsibility for any loss, damage or Injury to the customers or their property during the travel or the stay (lesions, anomalies, ecc.). LAGOTOURIST does not hold itself responsible for any loss of the customer from his/her being unable to enjoy the services booked and paid for; any interruption of their vacations owing to imputable reasons like disease, bad weather, strikes, etc.The responsabilities of Lagotourist in its qualities of organizer is underlined and regulated from the laws and the international conventions in vigor, and from the norms of the directive EEC 314/90 in Italy with D.L. 111/95, from the modification and 1929 Convention of Warsaw successive, and from the Convention of Paris of 1962. 

For eventual controversies and/or Descrepancies shall be resolved according to the Foro of Verona.


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